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Reclaiming The Common Good … in Charlottesville


I want our City to catch a vision of the Common Good. That’s more than just streetlights and bridges, important as those are. The Common Good is everything needed for our community to prosper. It’s the myriad ways we are connected. It’s knowing that what affects one affects us all. It’s working to make each person succeed so the entire City makes progress.

Charlottesville has a vibrant history of progress in its civic life. But the challenges of recent years show that much work remains to be done.

I see racial reconciliation, increased opportunity and equity, investment in schools and housing, enhancing our economic environment, and partnering with the University and County as our most urgent priorities. I am especially concerned that recent City Councils have struggled to work together as an effective team. I want to help shape a Council where decisions are informed by thoughtful dialogue, shaped by a desire for consensus, and evaluated through the lens of the Common Good.

I am convinced that our City’s best days lie ahead. Let’s work together to make Charlottesville an even better place for all.


Who I am

My career has been leading projects. I bring people, resources, and ideas together to get things done. I listen to a diversity of voices and act in a thoughtful way.

We have lived in the area for nearly 15 years. My kids have attended CHS. I’m active in my church. I love philosophy and the Humanities.

I have the experiences, skills, and values to provide empathetic and effective leadership on City Council.

Brian is humbled to have the endorsements of…

  • Adam Slate, President of Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church. Candidate for 5th Congressional District, 2018

  • Elizabeth “Bitsy” Waters, Former Mayor of Charlottesville

  • Elayne Phillips, Former Chair of Charlottesville Democratic Party

  • Meredith Richards, Former City Councilor

  • Juandiego Wade, School Board Member and Past Chair

  • Rev. Alvin Edwards, Former Mayor of Charlottesville

  • Peggy Van Yahres, Lifelong Charlottesville Resident

  • Dorothy “Dorrie” Fontaine, Dean of the School of Nursing, UVA

Vote in the Democratic Primary June 11th, 2019!